How can I buy EOS?
There are a variety of exchanges that allow you to buy EOS with fiat currencies like Dollars or Euros, or with other cryptocurrencies. For a list of a few of the most popular, please click here.
What are the best EOS Wallets?
For a list of EOS Wallets, please click here.
How much money can I make investing in EOS?
The primary functions for the EOSIO-powered blockchain are: 1) to support EOS as a currency and 2) provide a programmable blockchain platform to build applications. Yes, you may make money by buying the EOS token and enjoying its increase in value over the coming months and years, but this is only part of the relationship we would like you to have with the EOS Community. Please also consider using your EOS, and enjoying the wide variety of EOS-powered Apps.
When Moon, When Lambo?
Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the primary focus of the EOS Project is not the price of the token, but rather the utility of its programmable blockchain. Many of us in the EOS Community believe that if you work hard on building a robust, widely adopted technology, the price gains will naturally follow.
Is EOS run by Block One?
No. The EOS Blockchain is run by the Community. Block One built the EOSIO platform upon which the EOS blockchain is built and deployed; and EOS Project developers and ongoing contributors have worked very hard for the past four years to grow and enhance this high performance, flexible, low cost, programmable blockchain platform.
How is Block One Related to the Success of the EOS Main Net?
Phillip Hamnett, CTO of Chintai, provides a comprehensive overview of this intricate relationship: Block_One and EOS
Is EOS centralized or decentralized?
The EOS main net is powered and supported by a global network of Block Producers (BPs). Based upon votes from token holders, the Top 21 (of a pool of 75) BPs are sequenced to provide validation of blocks on the blockchain. The 75 BPs are paid a fee to standby, and a higher fee if they are elected to become an active BP. EOS main-net BPs represent more than 25 nations around the World.
How can I Create / Buy / Sell / Trade NFTs on EOS?
Visit this site to learn more about NFTs on EOS: AtomicHub Or, join this Telegram channel to discuss with other members of the EOC Community: EOS NFTs
Where can I stake EOS for rewards / ROI?
The newly ratified PowerUp model will provide rewards for token holders not using all of their resources. If you stake to REX, using one of the wallets listed herein, you can also join a staking pool such as: and other vote rewards platforms. There are also various #DeFi platforms that are available to actively earn income.
Is there an announcement channel?
The best place for information is to join us on the FORUMS Also, be sure to check out the Telegram channels at: EOS PROJECT and Everything EOS
I still have EOS on MyEtherWallet. How do I claim it and transfer to my Account?
Yes, you can. Visit: EOS Authority for more information.
How can I get support for a transaction which isn't working correctly?
There is no one central organization providing technical support for your blockchain transactions. The best results can often be had by contacting your EOS Wallet service provider for assitance.
How do I pay for purchases using EOS?
There are hundreds of ways to spend your EOS through a wide variety of DApps, online stores, and even 650+ physical brick and mortar stores in South America.